Are you a Marigold or a Cactus In Your Calling?

Like most passions that are worth the wait, the blood, sweat and tears, getting this business moving has not been without it struggles; from the technical side, the marketing, the social media engagement, the very real but practical parts of finding collectors, selling the work despite the customer compliments, and then the gnawing and nagging doubts and fears of “am I good enough” and “is this what I am meant to be doing”.

It seems any great thing we are meant to do, is not always an over night success. It’s important to remind ourselves of that so that we don’t give up on something too early before it matures or is ready to drop its fruit. Callings, purposes, destinies, whatever term you want to use, yours may sprout and flower quickly like the Marigold and it may take sometime like the Saguaro Cactus. But no matter how fast or slow something takes to sprout and flower, it has its own customized and timed process. Then, you also have the butterfly. In order to change from the caterpillar in the cocoon into a butterfly, it goes through great struggle but it is beautiful in all of its process.

If you are struggling, you are in great company with many legends!

Walt Disney: He was once fired from a job because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

Dr. Seuss: “To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street” was rejected 28 times until Random House published it.

Elvis Presley: He was told he couldn’t sing and drove a truck for a period of time, until he sang a blues number by Arthur Crupp, that got the attention of a professional DJ.

There so many who “failed” at first. So keep pressing on. Failure is victory because you tried instead of giving in to fear and not trying at all. Don’t give up just because it looks like it is not happening. Just like a seed underground, when you see it from the perspective of looking at the dirt from the top, nothing is there but under the surface a great deal of the necessary process is happening. Soon, enough it sprouts but still is not finished developing. Some stages of our journey, we won’t like the process, and it may look like it is time to throw in the towel, dig up the dirt again and plant something else. But, if your calling is more like a cactus than a marigold, don’t give up just because it’s taking a while to grow.

After all, The thing we are meant to do is not just for us individually. We are all waiting for each other to shine. Each one of us is connected to one another. Some callings are waiting on others because you may have a piece to their invention, idea, or whatever it is they are meant to do.

However, doubt, rejection and failure often seem await us like a lion in the jungle stalking it’s prey as it steps out into the field just when you are about to take a drink of that sweet refreshing water in the stream. That opposition is an indication often that you are in the right place to take a big drink of destiny, but... keep your eyes aware of your surroundings. Press through in your pursuit of it even if you need to stand still or step away a moment. Pursue your calling, anyway. You will wear that victory crown when you push past those obstacles that only readied you to possess the land you are meant to step into. And you will if you keep pressing through despite what intimidates you.

Here is where I am in my process. I, like many of you will keep pushing through. My art room has been down our basement for a few years which has had poor lighting and ventilation, no heat or air conditioning. It has definitely affected my drive to create, yet I pushed through that as well as finding bit of time to create with a now 2 and 9 year old. Now that the youngest is sharing a room with the oldest, the my art space is going back into our third bedroom with the heat, the air condition and the better light.

To move back into this room, the wood floor definitely needed to be protected this time around. So one day last week, I felt super ambitious and strong and lugged our heavy 8x10 foot, thick, yet very “loved on” rug from the living room to cover the floor. I’m a 5 foot 1 inch woman, and when I say lugged, that’s what happened along with a lot of praying, like this: “Lord, please, let me get this thing up here, and don’t let it fall on top of me in the process.” For real!

Around 2008, I Bought this rug at Tuesday morning when we moved into our house nearly 12 years ago. Two dogs and two kids later, it has been through the war of all the stuff that kids and dogs can do on a rug to the point I didn’t even want to try to steam clean it anymore. Many occasions, I almost abandoned this rug, wanting to throw it out and start over. It’s just been through soooo much! But I just haven’t been able to do it…so I just make empty threats, like what happens in parenting sometimes. Pushing that beast up those 8,000 steps (in reality probably more like 16), it dawned on me how many times I almost threw in the towel with my artwork after the first real attempt at pushing a career of creating art professionally by applying for the art program at UMBC. Yet, I was rejected into it as I didn’t pass the art project requirements for acceptance. I figured I wasn’t good enough but held onto a shred of hope a few times, putting work in local places which didn’t pan out and finally gave up for quite a while. In my 20’s and into my 30’s I took a long hiatus in creating artwork, giving up that dream but it wouldn’t let me give up forever. There is a constant low level misery that nags at a person when they are not pursuing their purpose and so it did with me. A weight lifted when hosted a paint night with friends at my house some years ago. I didn’t even want to do it at first, except hearing that small voice of God saying, “I really want you to do this. It’ll be good for you and them.” So I did, resentfully from the hurt of rejection and unforgiveness at being rejected from the art program. But I’m glad I had that paint night. I rediscovered that part of myself that brought more color and life to my spirit and soul.

Dragging that solid weighty rug up the steps to the upper room of our house, I saw it, something I never noticed before! Crouching on the steps, with big heave and breath, I put out the last few pushes with my arms to get the rug up the steps and plain as day, the label stated: “Destiny - Accent Your Life with Colors”. I couldn’t believe the rug was called Destiny and I was pushing that message up this hill of steps in my home, like I had been pushing towards this art business. All of these years, I’ve had this rug, I never knew the name of the rug or that it would one day speak a necessary timely message and confirmation to me, as if from God, the one who writes our stories and lays out our life path.

And so you have a calling, a destiny too, one that may feel like it’s been forever in developing, finding, or accomplishing but it’s all in process. Keep pushing. It’s worth it, even if you are a Marigold or a Cactus. A great calling can really come with some opposition but it will ready you and build character to prepare you to carry that weighty glory that can only be God’s. If you are in that place, I’m experiencing, I believe a redeeming and reaping is coming that’s unexpected like a geyser opening and pushing though.

May you “Dance in Your Destiny” and be in His rest in your process!

As always, feel free to comment, reach out, share this post if it touches you and know it will benefit others. If you’d like prayer, feel free to message me at

Thanks for reading and many blessings, victory, and abundance to you,

Victorious Grace

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