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How to Price Your Original Art - A General Guide

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Dear Artists (and those who are simply interested),

I know you want to sell your art and release it to do it’s job of imparting beauty and joy so you might price it super low to get it out of your storage. I completely understand that. But many of you create and also need to eat and pay bills and you want to make MORE quality pieces to spread the light that you put forth through your art.

Please do not under price the value and worth of your craft and art.

I also know, many will ask why does original art cost so much??? Some of you will get that qu

estion from potential customers and collectors. While you can take the feedback and consider it, please don't let it deter you from pricing your art fairly and at a price that will allow you to continue to create, sell, and make a living off of what you offer to the world.


Now, the here is a simple break down of where to begin. Feel free to increase the price from this general guideline. All artwork is different, takes a different amount of time, materials, and other things to create it. Some may never fully understand what went into the create process and that is okay.

A GENERAL GUIDE ON PRICING pricing visual art like acrylic, alcohol ink, oils, etc. (and go up from there, depending on various other factors)

$1 per square inch of canvas. Ex. 11x14 inch canvas painting 11x14= $154.00

Materials cost:

A quality canvas that size can cost 30+ Paint or materials can cost 25+ Scanning of original to make prints can cost 50+

This above is ONLY $105 and does not include other costs such as taxes, shipping (which can be quite costly), running a business, time, buy food, paying bills etc.

When people see artists charging "print pricing" for their 11x14 inch painting, it sets the bar and makes it difficult for other artists to charge appropriately for their work. We need to stay in business and break free of the “poor artist” culture.

What you do is valuable. Imagine a world with 0 art or aesthetics.

It would be a depressing world.

I hope this helps. I’ve seen so much under pricing and often it’s not that the art is lower quality or not very good. It’s awesome stuff and is pricey because of the cost of creating.

Artists...don’t run dry just to get it out in the world.

There is always room to give but that’s another story.

Hope that helps the artists here and anyone else who just wonders!


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