This kit is everything you need to get started and experiment with acrylic paint pouring, as well as, get your creative juices flowing.  


My kids love to do acrylic paint pouring because there are no rules, no perfection needed, and also no comparison.  Each paint pour turns out different even when you use the same colors. You often will not know how it will look in the end so it is a fun surprise.  Creating this way allows you to explore without getting stuck!



* Pre-mixed white, as well as, 3 pre-mixed colors in 4 oz bottles

* An 11x14 wrapped canvas

* A pair of gloves (not needed but will keep your hands from getting messy)

* A bag of Miracle Dust (really, just glitter)

* Mini paint pouring cups

*Instructions (As well as the link for a Beginners video tutorial instruction, online)



All kits also include a package of Miracle Dust


*REGAL OCEAN: Blue, Gold, Peach, Gold Flakes (as seen in the featured picture)

*THE ROYAL PALACE: Fire Red, Gold, Bronze, Gold Flakes

*I AM LOVED: Fire Red, Magenta, Teal, Gold Flakes

*BLUE LAGOON: Teal, Indigo, Blue, Blue and White Gravel Stones


~Note: Colors are hand mixed so they may slightly vary in shade from kit to kit. 

Paint Pour Kit

  • There are no returns on kits. 

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