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‘Up From The Ashes,' a stunning 18x24 inch original acrylic and mixed media painting!


The unique multi-directional design features a central image that appears as both a sword, a tower, or a phoenix rising from the ashes, depending on the direction you hang it, giving viewers a sense of strength and renewal.


'Up From The Ashes' is one-of-a-kind, that needs to be seen to be believed- kind of just like you! You’ll love the incredible detail and vibrant colors that seem to jump off the canvas when you and others who visit your home see it. Whether you hang it horizontally or vertically, there are endless ways to enjoy its beauty.


Size: 18x24 inches

Medium: Mixed/Acrylic/Gold Foil

Frame or leave unframed!




Materials- $100+

Imaging to create prints from the original- $150+

Shipping from Maryland 

Up From The Ashes - Hang in any direction

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