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This is a "PRICELESS PAINTING" GIFT option; an act of giving (sowing and reaping) to another so they can receive a gift of love.  


Sowing into a gifting of "Priceless Art" original work allows me to release artwork to another at no cost to them.


Why do I do this??? 

I understand that not everyone can afford artwork, let alone ORIGINAL work.  It can be very expensive, especially if an artist prices accordingly.  Yet if an artist gives for free all of the time, they too don't have the resources to create....or eat!   



Yet...What would the world be without something beautiful to connect us to one another, the world, to our faith, to look upon and reflect or draw us back into unity with one another?  Art transcends language and touch the soul where words can not travel. 


Sow into someone's life to day! 


When you choose to sow into another person's life by giving through  the "PRICELESS PAINTING" gift you are giving into a Priceless Painting to be released and/or added to my website so anyone can receive - someone in the community or even across the world.  Check out on this page some of the previous "Priceless Paintings" already released or the testimonies from my artwork.


NOTE: A physical painting is not sent to your home. You are giving from your heart for another.


I am just one person but I like to give through what I create.


We are all a priceless masterpiece, knit together by love. (Colossians 2:2)


Thank You for Shining Your Light by giving towards another.

Priceless Art (Give)

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