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Paint & Sips

Workshops and Paint & Sips are totally customizable for your get together.  What people enjoy most about my workshops are that people feel free to create without a paint by numbers method. Everyone leaves with a creation that is uniquely their own! 

For those who feel they are not creative, cannot paint, I assure you that many come with no skill and in fact tell me they can not paint a line to save their life.  By the end, they often find out something amazing about themselves. They were given the tools and freedom to create, and realize they are more artistic than they believed!  These simple workshops have been known to birth and awaken the artist that's always been inside.


Average length of a workshop is 2 hours. Art supplies for the workshops are included. 


*Are you a nonprofit, ministry, or church that would like an event or to fund raise?  Contact me to collaborate.  These can be put together as a "LOVE OFFERING" workshop. 


  • Acrylic Paint 

    • CHOOSE ONE: Canvas OR Wood Pallet

    • PRICE RANGE: $30-35/person

  • Alcohol Ink (special inks that are reactive to Isopropyl Alcohol...this can be a smelly session)   

    • ​PRICE RANGE: ​ $30-35/person

    • CHOOSE ONE: Tile, Canvas, YUPO paper

  • Water Color

    •  Water Color Paper

    • PRICE RANGE: $30/person

  • Oil Pastels (Non-toxic set used so it is safe for kids)

    • Oil Pastel Paper​

    • PRICE RANGE: $30/person

Prices may vary based on the medium and supply costs that vary with the market and times. Prices for children also may be different than below.


Paint pouring is a method of creating artwork in which acrylic paint is mixed in with other fluid mediums to create a piece of artwork.  These can be messy because there is often plenty of paint run off.  However, this only means that gloves and clothes that you don't mind getting messed up should be worn. A tray will be provided to catch the extra paint underneath your paint surface. This is a favorite for kids and adults!

Surface: Canvas

Price Range: $40-45/person

Watch this video on Paint Pouring to learn more. 


You supply the location. I supply the art supplies. SOME IDEAS BELOW:

  • Business

  • Organization

  • Hall

  • Church

  • Company

  • *Private residences are not preferred.  


You provide the location, people and sips.  I'll provide the art supplies and fun!  

These typically run 2-3 hours. Choose your medium. 



Your kid is a creative genius.  Pick a medium, and let's explore with their friends! Added into the mediums list are markers, crayons, and colored pencils. I am available for Birthday parties.


Contact me for more details and the Kid prices. Varies based on the medium/supplies. Cost depends on the medium and supplies. Let's Chat!



Create something together with your family and bond!  I will guide you to create a beautiful abstract accent piece of artwork for your home that you all can create together and hand on your wall for years to come.  



Paint pouring is a unique method of creating artwork.  It is often messy and unexpected in how it will turn out but a ton of fun and a favorite amongst ALL AGES from age 3 to adult.  If you've never heard of paint pouring or done it before, I've provided a simple beginners tutorial here.

The great thing about paint pouring is that anyone can do it and anyone can be a creative genius.  Everyone can be an artist and no one can replicate what you created!  Each piece is unique just like you!



This create workshop is christian based but anyone is welcome.  In this workshop, you learn to create with God as He is the creator who you are made in the image and likeness of.  This means that your identity is also one who creates.  As you create, worship and/or soaking worship music is played.  You have the same medium options to choose from as all of the other workshops. The difference is you are creating as in the way of worship to God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Prayer begins the session and ends the session. Individual prayer is also offered at the end. There is the option for this to be a Holy Spirit led prophetic art workshop, as well. 


For more information or questions, feel free to contact me


Alcohol Ink


Wood Pallet


Paint pouring


Acrylic Paint


Let's Work Together

Contact me to schedule a workshop or Paint and Sip!

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