Many of my original artworks contain messages written with a UV light pen. These messages are meant to bring hope, encouragement, inspiration, and help others connect with the beauty that is inside of them. After each painting is created, I sit with it and listen for the message that the Spirit of God speaks to my heart to write on it. These can be considered prophetic words, of comfort and edification (1 Corinthians 14:3). While not everyone who may purchase a piece of artwork from me, may have the same faith, these messages speak the language of love and encouragement from a God who loves you and anyone can receive.  These messages are meant to encourage others to Shine The Light, that is inside of them. 

When a piece of artwork is purchased that has a UV message, the UV lightpen is sent with the work so that the message can be viewed. It is best to view the message in a dark room or with the lights out and then "shine your light".

Shine Your Light

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