The paintings below are ORIGINAL pieces of artwork. They are valuable and ONE OF A KIND, just like you.

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 Featuring "Shine Your Light" paintings


The world can be a dark place. We see injustice, death, division, sadness, and more every day. What if we all took a moment each day or month to shine our light? What if art could be one solution among many, to let others gaze upon what is still beautiful, know that they are seen and loved, and bring light and life in those places?  I am one person but ​it must start somewhere and why not with us? It is my hope to share God's love and the one who brings light in darkness, hope, victory, love, and encouragement through what I create and by giving away art that has a message.


Once a month, a piece of artwork is chosen to "give" and I go to places in the community or to an organization that seeks to bring healing to others, to "give" the art piece to whomever claims it. If no one claims it at that time, it becomes available on my website for anyone to claim. After that month, I take it down and a new one is chosen. Shipping cost, however, applies. 


The month's Priceless Painting will have a banner that says "Priceless Painting". 

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Please consider partnering with me in this mission in sharing hope and God's love. Anyone can give into this mission. Give what you can anytime by going to the artist's business PAYPAL account.


If you are a Maryland Resident and would like to pick up a painting in Catonsville, instead of paying the shipping fee, choose IN STATE pick up at checkout.

Thank you and may God richly bless you!



Contact me and I'd be happy to create a custom piece of artwork for you that fits your home or office perfectly! 

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