Whimsical Peacock Feather

A surface to paint on and something to cover that surface such as laid out cardboard, a trash bag, etc. so your table does not get paint on it.


*Favorite brands but not necessary are: Liquitex or Lukas Cryl.

Jerry's Arterama carries Lukas Cryl and usually has good art supply deals :)

I also enjoy using the medium: Pearlescence

Table Top Easel




  • Stretched Canvas or Wood Cradled Panels 


          Acrylic Paint Set (Paint Pour Item)

          8x10 Stretched Canvas Pack   (Paint Pour Item)

          8x10 Canvas Panels

          8x8 Wooden Cradled Panels (Paint Pour Item)

  • Party cups to hold the paint pour mix, or any item that is sturdy enough to keep the canvas raised from the table so you can easily pick it up from below as well as let the excess paint pour off the canvas


  • Something to protect your table from the paint (trash bag, large piece of cardboard from a box, plastic picnic table cover, etc.)


NO FLOOD FLOETROL NOR SILICONE NEEDED - Purchase already mixed Paint Pouring Kit. HERE

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