Priceless Paintings

"Priceless Paintings" are pieces of artwork that have no cost to receive (except the shipping cost). These are available on my website as well as given to others. Sometimes, I find a place or person in the community to give my artwork. Feel free to support this gift of free art to others by Purchasing a "Priceless Painting" to give to someone so I can release it or give to my Paypal any amount you want to purchase for an artwork listed as "Priceless". 


One for One (1 for 1) 

When you purchase artwork in this collection, you have the option to give one of equal (or close to equal) value.  Giving one then allows a painting to be given or released to the public as a "Priceless Painting".  By giving, you allow me to release a painting to bless others with the gift of art.

Choosing this option allows me to continue to share the beauty of art in a giving model. The heart of others is able to be more widely reached so others know they are seen, not forgotten, and worthy to receive.


 Shine Your Light

An original, often with a UV ink written message of hope and encouragement on the back of original art. 

All general Prints and Decor!

Personalized Hand-Signed art prints!

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall



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