"PRICELESS PAINTING" GIFT option is available; an act of giving (sowing and reaping) to another so they can receive a gift of love.  ONCE enough cost has been covered to release an Original Piece of Artwork, I then list it on this website for anyone to receive, give it away in person, through social media, gift to a charitable organization, a non-profit, a person in the community or anyone in need. It can finally go to it's forever home to fulfill its purpose and finally leave it's temporary home (mine ;)


Shine Your Light

An original, often with a UV ink written message of hope and encouragement on the back of original art. 


Multi-Directional Art

These are paintings that can and are meant to be hung in many directions whether horizontal or vertical.  Not only is this a benefit to the receiver to fit the painting into the space based on preference but the artwork is created to give another perspective in the story, just as we need to have in life. 

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall