"Priceless Paintings" are pieces of artwork that I have made available at no cost (except for the shipping fees). These are both available on my website as well as given to others. Sometimes, I find a place or person in the community to give my artwork.







One for One (1 for 1) 

You can help me continue this model of giving by adding the "Priceless Painting" option into your cart as well.  This is a huge support on continuing to give. When you choose to add this to your cart, I will be able to release a new painting to give while still feeding my family. Gifting one allows a painting to be given or released to the public as a "Priceless Painting".  

Choosing this option allows me to continue to share the beauty of art in a giving model. The heart of others is able to be more widely reached so others know they are seen, not forgotten, and worthy to receive. Through  the "Shine your Light" that is on an original, they receive a message of hope and encouragement. 


You can show your support by receiving and giving!

Patreon helps me to continue to bring value to the public and community through art, while you get free stuff and perks for your support.


All of this allows people that could be living anywhere in the US or world to be touched through art with a personal message and gift.

Anyone can also support through giving any amount whether you received a Priceless Painting or not, to my Paypal 

All general Prints and Decor!

Personalized Hand-Signed art prints!

Thank you and I hope my art brings you joy!