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  • Original Artwork that ministers to your soul

  • Contains a message written in invisible ink

  • Located on the back of the original art

  • Visible with a UV light Pen that is sent with the work

  • The Laminated Word is also enclosed in an envelope 

  • Hang on the wall with your artwork to inspire you for years

  • Learn More Here!


Many original paintings below are listed as "Priceless".  This means you choose the amount you desire to pay based on the drop down menu selections.  Since this is uncomfortable for some to not have an idea what to offer, I did include an idea of a minimum ballpark cost to create a piece.  It's my desire that people are blessed by the art without so much of the thought on price or the standard "value" of a painting.  So Enjoy!


USA - Shipping is NOT included at Check-out.  Ships from Maryland. Calculate from your location if you desire to support this cost.


International sales - Outside USA

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