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Original Artwork that contains "Inspired" messages that are written on the back of your painting either with marker or with a UV light pen. Find out More Below or go right to the Originals Page to find your own Unique Painting!


May lead to - Inspiration, encouragement and possible inner healing. 


May lead to - a feeling of freedom and love, LEADING you to Shine Your Own Light even brighter.

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Info@victoriousartworks.com                                    Catonsville, MD.                                   Tel: 410-598-6937                       

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My artistic style moves between Free-style abstract expressionism and abstract representational art, to capture the essence of emotional and feeling behind the subject matter that is meant to bring a positive response to the observer. Mixed media is used to perfectly capture the emotions and essence of the subject. It is in this way that I can create from a variety subjects to EMPOWER the heart and capture the essence of victory in each piece. No piece of art work is the same and can not be replicated but I can capture a similar feeling, essence, in an entirely new creation, making its very own unique masterpiece, just like you!

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"Stephanie is a phenomenal artist who infuses her work with the essence of Heaven. You can feel the Presence of God on the pieces she creates, you feel the peace, freedom, healing, hope, emanating from them because Stephanie welcomes her Creator into her creative process.

The words that she writes bring additional healing and hope and are something I will cherish forever.

I’m so thankful for an artist such as Stephanie, who is truly on a mission to release the realities of Heaven on the  Earth."


~Morgan B.