Acrylic on wood panels, hand-crafted and painted original. 15x22 inches

This piece is inspired to impart and celebrate Fatherhood and the close bond between father’s and children. Father's are important and an essential part of a child's life, whether biological or not. There is a special bond and legacy left when a child is loved with compassion, protection that comes from a father or father figure. No matter who you are, there is a special irreplaceable relationship between a father and a child. And a child has a special role in the life of a father or one who is becoming. If you are a person of faith, this is modeled after Malachi 4:6 but it is applicable to anyone.

The gold signifies the refining that takes place when a child enters a man's life, the green for the nourishment and new life. Each animal represents the transpiring aspect that occurs - the giraffe for the great heights that occur in your life when the relationship is properly nourished and you look right into who each other are with love, the lion and cub that looks out from behind and ahead for what was and what is to come with a protective stance, and the elephant that never forgets and is a barrier from the world that would deter and water down a child's dreams so they can go after their purpose with passion and boldness with a power and might.

If you'd like to purchase this painting, message me. Glicee and canvas wrapped prints are also available upon request in specific sizes by contacting me or purchased framed here.

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