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I Might Be Hoarding Paintings!

I might be hoarding paintings....or at least that might be how it'd look to an outsider that comes into my home. But for those who know me, when we embark on the conundrum of, I have too many paintings and not enough has gone out so I haven't painted in a while, this usually prompts a few responses. If you are an artist, are you familiar with these?

They tell you with a declarative question, "Why, don't you just keep painting even if it doesn't sell." My mind inside cringes a little, almost as if I can see a little me in my mind, turn away and walk slowly with their head down.

Have you been faced with that dilemma, there are many ideas floating around in your mind, but the thought of painting one more thing and have it sit in your inventory or basement zaps that creativity right out, because "where will it go" and your romantic partner is wondering if the house will soon be taken over by paintings.

Many well meaning people will say, "just keep painting." Or they might turn it to some sort of shame veiled helpfulness, "If you really love doing it, you'd just paint, nothing could stop you from doing it.

One of the best is, "You are painting for God. Just enjoy that process with Him."

I have an answer to each one of those I'll get to. But during those moments, I must confess, I imagine that some believe that once they impart their great wisdom, they probably believe their job is done and they get some sort of intangible reward that the universe hands out to those who help out another who is stuck on their life purpose.

It is really impressive though when others just keep creating more and more art, whether it sells or not, whether people want it or not, the process is so captivating and rewarding in itself that they keep creating no matter if what they created, now has taken up a seat on their sofa, watching all of their favorite shows with them each night since there is no more room in their storage or if it indeed sells like hot cakes.

If paintings add up, do you pick a few that you like least, and paint over it as if it is the least loved child? I can't seem to do that. Maybe I will hurt the painting's feelings...or maybe my own since the painting came from a deep part of me. If I reject that painting, am I subconsciously rejecting a part of myself? These are questions an artist asks, as their house is being taken over by an army of paintings.

Well, back to the answers to those earlier questions:

  1. Why don't I just keep painting more if there are still so many piling up?

ANSWER: Well, I do, but it significantly slows down, at least for me. To keep painting, I need income from the ones that have sold to create more. If not enough sells, my resources to buy maters such as canvases also decrease. Not, only that but where will I put them? Maybe, I can sell my furniture. Then, the space that couch took up, more paintings can take up instead. Yes, that is an interesting solution.

2. If you really love doing it, you'd just paint, nothing could stop you from doing it.

ANSWER: YES AND NO! Oh honey, there are so many things that are misunderstood in this statement. First, I enjoy doing it. There is a part of me that lives again each time I paint something that I really enjoy. So in a sense, yes, nothing would stop me from doing it, except myself. Also, it depends on the personality of the creator and what drives them. Everyone has a different inner motivation, drive, and way they are uniquely created by God. Some creatives such as myself, find much motivation by seeing others be blessed by what they do. Their heart is to give and to serve. If there is no one to give to or serve that will benefit or enjoy what you created, then the motivation to do that activity decreases. There is no shame in that. They create for themselves in part but it is not THE part. Know what I mean? A chef will create masterpieces of food. They have the skill, the talent, the desire and the imagination to create all kinds of dishes. They get immense joy out of not only creating that dish, but the most beautiful part for some of them is the moment that what they created is being thoroughly enjoyed by the one they created it for and now they get to receive the pleasure of seeing them enjoy the food they made not only simply because it fed someone but it gave an entire experience from that creation. If no one receives the food the chef made, they either must eat it themself or throw it out. This is where I am as a creative. My largest motivation is seeing my artwork be thoroughly enjoyed by others because that is what it was meant to do.

3. "You are painting for God. Just enjoy that process with Him."

ANSWER: Oh, boy...First of all, let's unpack this religious zinger: I am not doing anything for God. He doesn't really need my help and I am not a servant but His very own beloved one, just the same as you are. But creating artwork is something that I can do with Him in a sense, as I would with a friend, a spouse or anyone when we want to spend time together. We can talk together while I create and we can create together because with God we are co-creators in this world. It is, however, not the only activity but it is an activity that can help bring us closer to Him becasuse we are partaking in part of His nature. There are many ways we can enjoy a relationship with God. Painting is not the only one and again, the capacity of our house can only house so much. Then, I am left once again with the dilemma of not wanting to get rid of any of my creations yet running out of capacity to house them.

Often, I will give paintings away...or I will give them for a very low price, just enough to cover materials and shipping (Priceless Paintings). Well, that solves the problem right? It's in my nature to give, so yes, it's feels good to give away artwork. But income also feels nice, lol. Also, sometime your zeal to give is greater than the need. But it's the thought that matters, right?!

So, what do you do when the paintings pile up???

I'd like to hear from you!

In the meantime, I might be hoarding paintings and my family may or may not stage an intervention.

If you'd like to help me solve this dilemma or relieve my couch so that my husband can now take a seat instead of the Painting, go here!

Ta Ta For now and may your days be sweet!


P.S. - Feature Painting is "The Wedding Feast" and is available now at a discount!

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