“The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” Piet Mondrian


We are all a priceless masterpiece, knit together by love. (Colossians 2:2)


The world can seem like a dark place yet the light is still shinning in it. We see injustice, death, division, sadness, and more every day.


What if we all took a moment each day or month to shine our light in whatever way God made us to do that with whatever we have- our gifts, our talents, our skills, our kind words, a meal for someone, giving whatever we have been graced with that we can give including art or a piece of our heart?


What if art could also be a way, to let others gaze upon what is still beautiful, know that they are seen and loved, and bring light and life in those places? 


I am just one person but I like to give. But more importantly, share God's heart through what I create.


Love and change must start somewhere. Why not with me, with you, with us? 


Through art, I hope to share God's love and the one who brings light in darkness, hope, victory, inspiration, and encouragement through what I create and the messages He speaks that accompanies the art!


How does this work???


Once a month, I prayerfully select a piece of artwork to "give".  I go to places in the community, a person, or to an organization that seeks to bring healing to others and "give" the art piece. If no one claims it at that time, it becomes available on my website for anyone to claim. After that month, I take it down and a new one is chosen.

Many of these artworks are "Shine Your Light" and include a message from the Heart of God to go with the art piece. The art is released on "First Fruits", following the Hebrew calendar of First Fruits

The artwork is given as free or "Pay What Is On Your Heart". 


Commissions  may also be created this way as well (not including the cost of materials, however).  




“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall


Original art can be expensive, especially when an artist truly charges appropriately and factors in all of the costs to create.  But also art can bring in light in a dark place, whether it is our atmosphere, our home, our community or even in our own personal life. There is hope and God loves you!


If you like what's happening here, YOU CAN PARTNER IN MANY WAYS. Giving art away has its costs: gas, paint, materials, scanning the art to make prints, time, heart, and more. But the desire to share hope, encouragement and know that God sees and loves you is greater.

You Can help FINANCIALLY support Victorious' mission via:


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If you are a business or organization, contact Stephanie to supply Canvas (especially wood ones), paint, and more.


Would you like Stephanie to come to your location?  Contact her for a request to be on the calendar! 



Are you a business, organization, community center, or just simply a person etc. that would like a "Priceless Painting"? 

Please Contact Stephanie!




Available Priceless Paintings can be found on the Available page.


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