“The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.” Piet Mondrian


We are all a priceless masterpiece, knit together by love. (Colossians 2:2)


The world can seem like a dark place yet the light is still shinning in it. We see injustice, death, division, sadness, and more every day.


What if we all took a moment each day or month to shine our light in whatever way God made us to do that with whatever we have- our gifts, our talents, our skills, our kind words, a meal for someone, giving whatever we have been graced with that we can give including art or a piece of our heart?


What if art could also be a way, to let others gaze upon what is still beautiful, know that they are seen and loved, and bring light and life in those places? 


I am just one person but I like to give through what I create.



Ever since a child, I've wanted to be an artist of some kind.  I may not have been the best (because there is always someone we can compare to) but it was in my heart to create. It's no fun for me to create and label value based on a dollar sign.  It's no fun to see someone who wants a piece of artwork but can not afford the cost of an original. It's also no fun to ceate and see the light of those creations sit in a dark corner where they can not give to those they are meant to give to.  That is why, I eliminated the price on "Priceless Paintings".  The only price you will see on them is what I need to cover my barebones cost of shipping and materials, not even including the cost to have the painting scanned for high resolution (probably the most costly part of painting) so I can make prints for others to benefit from what I've created. 


Through art, I hope to share God's love and the one who brings light and hope!




Priceless paintings are pieces of artwork that are subject to "Pay What You Can" or what is on your heart.  


This is a scary notion for some people because they have no idea what to pay for art and they don't want to insult anyone or pay them less than what they "should".  Because of this, I have included a PRICING guide for anyone who finds themselves in this boat that would like to have a range of what the work would cost.


I also find for some, it is super difficult for some people to receive. They think they have to do something to receive things when God says, I love you and want you to just receive.


I want you to know you are worthy to receive.  When we receive we have more to give to others. So please feel free to receive the gift of artwork, I am offering through Priceless Paintings.


This concept can also be difficult for those who are art collectors as well as business professionals and entrepreneurs. This upsets the art market.


Value is based on a lot more than what determine but I get it is a very real need to pay the bills. So please enjoy the art, receive, and give from your heart to the world that needs love. Love is your legacy. 

Many of these artworks are "Shine Your Light" and include a message from the Heart of God to go with the art piece. 

Commissions  may also be created this way as well (not including the cost of materials, however).  


“Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” Marc Chagall


Well...I OFFICIALLY left my nice 9-5 paying job in 2016/2017 to go back into art.  I wasn't happy not having time to create. Most of the itme when I did, I gave my art away then.  The way I pay my bills is by the generosity of others in seeing the value in what I'm doing with art and those times, they commission me, purchase prints, or choose to give additional payment to my paypal for the art they purchased or join me monthly through Patreon.




If you want to give more than what you see listed for a painting in order to cover the costs of creating and shipping, and living a life that pays the bills...


YOU CAN PARTNER IN MANY WAYS. Giving art away has its costs: paint, materials, scanning the art to make prints, time, heart, and more. But the desire to share hope, encouragement and know that God sees and loves you is greater.

How Can You Partner In This Gift of Giving?

  • The first step, is receiving.  Is there something below that catches your heart?  Please receive! We often can only give from what we have received.

  • Next, consider partnering with me in this mission. When you receive, find something that you have inside of you, to give others. If it is love, give it. If it is a hug, give it. If it is your skills, find someone to give it to. It feels so good to give.

  • Lastly, if you've again, give again so you can be filled once again. God pours in where we have poured out. Give and receive.


You partner with me via:


Patreon -



If you are a business or organization, contact Stephanie to supply Canvas (especially wood ones), paint, and more.


Would you like Stephanie to come to your location?  Contact her for a request to be on the calendar! 



Are you a business, organization, community center, or just simply a person etc. that would like a "Priceless Painting"? 

Please Contact Stephanie!





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