Original Paintings


I work in all sorts of medium (acrylic, oil, pastels, alcohol ink, ink, colored pencil, and mixed media. Originals paintings may be on stretched canvas, wood, art paper and other materials). I use whatever the painting calls for. 

All prices are subject to 6% Maryland sales tax and shipping fee that is calculated based on the size of the painting and the location it will be shipped to. 

All measurements below are in inches and approximate price ranges. 

3x5 (mini canvas paintings) $12-15

8x8: $50-70

9x12 -11x14: $70-150

12x16: $150-215

16x20: $150-300

12x24: $150-300

18x24: $250-400

24x30: $350+

24x36 and larger: $400+


High quality Glicee Prints on canvas, acid free archival quality poster or watercolor paper. These are printed by Archival Arts in Baltimore, MD. 

Prints ordered from me directly are hand-signed and may include an inspired written message personally meant for you. All other prints can be ordered Here!

All hand-signed prints  are pre-order/pre-pay.

This means, you order with me by contacting me with the name of the print that you want, pay first (via the paypal or Cashapp link I send you), and I will then send the print to you. 

Poster or Watercolor Paper

8x10: $25-40

9x12: $25-50

11x14: $35-70

16x20: $65-130

18x24: $90-175

24x30: $144-285

24x36(+): $170+

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

(ready to hang)

8x10: $65

9x12: $85

11x14: $108

16x20: $195

18x24: $255

24x30: $395

24x36(+): $600+

Commissioned Art

Cost depends upon the agreement in a signed contract (general pricing may fall into the range of the pricing for originals, listed above). Half of the total cost of the commission is required up front when signing the contract. The last half will be due when the painting is finished and before it is received. Please give a minimum of 3 months work time to complete. 

Live Painting

Includes public concerts, art events, worship services and events, etc.


Private Sessions

Private one on one sessions in person or virtual are available. The session content depends upon the clients needs and preferences and can be customized such as learning to work with different mediums, color composition and utilization, various techniques as well as general mentoring in art or as a professional career artist. I love to help others explore and learn that there are no comparison. Each person is born to create and express out of who they are as well as use art as a stress free and therapeutic time.

$35/hour for Virtual Sessions

$55/hour in person (location will be determined if feasible)

Victorious Artworks, LLC *

Catonsville, Maryland  * (410) 598-6837

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