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Price Guide


Stephanie can create from a variety of mediums such as acrylic, oil, pastels, alcohol ink, and others. Paintings may be done on stretched canvas, wood, art paper and various other materials, using what ever is needed for each creation.


Prices can vary for each creative work but below is a general base price range.


3x4: $20+

3x5: $25+

8x8: $115+

8x10: 150+

9x12: $195+

11x14: $275+

12x16: $345+

16x20: $575+

12x24: $515+

18x24: $775+

24x30: $1,295+

24x36: $1,555+

*Inquire for larger sizes.

Commissioned Art

Every creative project is different and may or may not coincide with the prices of originals stated above. Cost depends upon the agreement in a signed contract (general pricing may fall into the range of the pricing for original artwork, listed above). Half of the total cost of the commission is required up front when signing the contract. The last half will be due when the painting is finished and before it is received. 




Live Event Painting

Includes public concerts, art events, worship services and events, etc.

Contact me if you are looking for an artist!


Private Sessions or Paint Nights

Private one on one sessions in person or virtual are available. The session content depends upon the clients needs and preferences and can be customized such as learning to work with different mediums, color composition and utilization, various techniques as well as general mentoring in art or as a professional career artist. I love to help others explore and learn finding their own way in the world of creation. These can be also used as "me time" or to destress. Find out more here or send me a message.

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