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The White Lion

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

"The White Lion" emerged in the Spring of 2018, during the nap-time for my youngest little one. At the time, he was about the age of one and naps were becoming rare to come by.

This day though, I felt there was a kairos moment to create something, so I took hold of that moment. Having two young kids, the time to paint can sometimes be like turning over a garden rock and finding gold. Any parent with young children that sets out to do anything knows!

The creation of this painting was as if a supernatural moment. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it turned out. Not only was it a surprise, but a total experiment. I used both alcohol ink and acrylic paint on straight on the glass from a picture frame. In other words, it is a fragile and irreplaceable piece of artwork. There is no painting inside of the frame. The glass was the canvas. I had no idea, if using the glass as the canvas would turn out well, but I had to try it out because I had it in my mind for a few weeks, just waiting for the opportunity. Fortunately with alcohol ink, if I don't like it, I can clean it off with rubbing alcohol and start all over. The White Lion is one of my favorite pieces. Right now, it is in my “artist’s personal collection,” reserved for my son, the one who napped while I created it.

I specifically chose the green and blue in the eyes to provoke a piercing yet relational response, almost as if the lion is looking right into you, communicating his thoughts. The warm yet refreshing compassionate depth is reminiscent of an ocean sunrise as it contrasts with the warmth of the orange and reds, to create a quiet and provoking confidence.

Some people would think that this lion is just a lion or one from the constellation Leo. However, for me, my faith inspired this piece. It’s not just a lion but representative of God and us. He will roar like lion and His sons will come from the west (Hosea 11:10). The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?” (Amos 3:8). The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1). In contrast, the enemy of our soul is also described as a lion. But that kind of lion does not save but devour, unlike God who desires to prosper you and give you a future (Jeremiah 29:11). The lion is a reminder that He stands by you and strengthens you, so that through you the message might be fully proclaimed and all may hear it. Back to the alcohol ink part - FIRE!

One thing I love about alcohol ink, you can light it on fire without ruining the artwork. I wish I got pictures of this moment for The White Lion but didn't think of it. Plus, seeing as my hands were full, I didn't take any. Definitely, take your work outside if you choose to light it on fire and keep it near a water source! I did take this one outside to do this part...because fire…house…kids…I don't want my house burning down! Using fire for alcohol ink is purely fun but, for me, it also for me, represents God's passion for us that burns away what is not needed so what remains is beautiful in His likeness and image. The heart and compassion of God burns forever for each and everyone of us (Leviticus 6:12), no matter what we've done, where we've been or where we will head in the future. You are His, unique and rare just like a white lion in nature.

Keep in mind, that just as this painting seemed to have a moment set up for me, God has moments set up for us to grasp a hold of. Right as the project completed and the fire consumed the alcohol, my son woke up from His nap. Perfect timing. So many times in life, we may want something right away wondering how long it will take or when it will come to pass, causing us to doubt it will come. Dream again. Hope again. Trust again. Those dreams and desires given to us by God will not sleep forever. Though they may go dormant for a time, they will awaken again. I know, it happened with me in my art. I once let it go for more than 10 years but I could not forever. It was placed in there by Him who made me and His word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). He sends us His helper (Holy Spirit) to complete what He has placed in us. Ask the helper to help and show you the way to the dreams and promises putt inside of you.

But dear one, in those times, as we wait, do not let your heart grow weary. If we let the lion in, we will see His faithfulness. The waiting is an opportunity to trust and praise the one who gave you the desires as you build a relationship with Him. He has the perfect timing even if we don't understand the waiting. He will complete things right on time! As you wait listen for the Lion to speak to you, may His roar be soft like a purr or booming, to shake off the doubt.

By the way, I am not advocating that you light anything on fire but if you do, be sure that you follow the law and take proper precautions! Fire is no joke! Be safe! I've lit my own grass on fire before, accidentally. Thankfully, the hose was right there.

This piece of artwork like many of my others, came with a message written on the back, inspired by Holy Spirit that came after creating. When ordering prints, this word is included on card stock. Laminate the card stock and put it with the picture on the wall as inspiration.

As with artwork, you too can not be replicated. You are a masterpiece made with a unique finger print of and from God. He loves you so much that He poured out everything for you to receive His love and grace.



P.S. - The "Shine Your Light" message that went with "White Lion is was follows:

“Bold, breaking the mold, sharp sighted, not missing a thing, quick on your feet and ready to go, different from rest, yet majestic with a heart that is strong and faithful to get through life’s tests. You are royalty like the White Lion.”

Matthew 6:33, 1 Peter 2:9

© Art & All Writings

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