The White Lion

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

"The White Lion"

I created the White Lion painting in Spring 2018 during my nap-time for my "little one". It's now become sort of like the mascot of my artwork page. It's the first thing that pops up anytime I share the link. I love the piercing look of the blue eyes.  However, back to making this majestic specimen of a piece! I was so shocked to find out how well this one turned out because I started it as an experiment. I didn't know how it would turn out to paint acrylic on top of the glass from a picture frame or how I would combine the alcohol ink on there. But I had the vision and a window of opportunity with nap-time to at least begin. I used Tim Holtz alcohol ink and acrylic paint to create this masterpiece. This Lion is one of the most favorite for people. I specifically chose the green and blue in the eyes to provoke a piercing yet relational emotional response in the viewer to really connect with this piece of artwork almost as if the lion is looking right into you and telling you how he is feeling. There is both a warm yet compassionate depth reminiscent of the ocean in the eyes, contrasted by the warmth of the colors in the background of the oranges and reds. That was what I was going for in choosing those colors. My faith did inspire this piece. However, I was also inspired by the white lion as an endangered species. However, after painting it, this, one thing I love about alcohol ink is that you can light it on fire without ruining the artwork. It just gives it another interesting effect. I did take it outside to do this part...because don't want my house burning down, y'all! lol. Seriously. I took it outside and lit the alcohol ink on fire. This aspect is purely fun but, for me, it also was prophetic to represent God's passion for us, His compassion and the fire that burns in His heart for each and everyone of us, no matter what we've done, where we've been nor where we will be. We are unique just like a white lion. We are rare and need to be protected by Love. It was truly an amazing process and right as I finished with the fire, my son woke up from His nap. It was perfect timing. So many times in my life, I want something right away and I wonder how long it will take for the Lord to come through. But in those times, I also realize that as I wait, a relationship is being built with Him as I continue to seek Him, or lean on Him for strength if it is something I am struggling with in my life. He has the perfect timing even when we don't understand. But this one literally was right on. One time, I walked in with a print of this lion to put up in a local establishment for sale, and a guy LOVED it. He said, "Oh, I'm a leo and it reminds me of that."  Well, I let my art speak to people the way they need it to. However, this painting for my intentions are in no way representative of astrological signs. This is representative for me more so, both the lion of Judah and the uniqueness that is inside of us, as created by God.  Before I had a relationship with God, I loved reading horoscopes and finding my identity in the astrological signs. I did not realize that for just about everything out there, there is a true version and false version, a version of slumming it in our identity as children of God, so to speak. As I began a relationship with the Lord, I'd listen for Him to speak specifically to me into my identity and how He made me. It took away the need and desire to find it in an astrological sign or to read a horoscope. The spirit of God would prophesy to me and I did not rely on horoscopes to tell me my future. There is a great book on this, the astrological constellations, how it relates to us, in the true form that God meant it to, in a book called, "Time to Advance" by Chuck Pierce (*Amazon Affiliate Link imbedded -I do get a small percentage if you purchase this book. However, I really do love this book). It is available on Kindle and in paperback. I highly recommend it. Astrology and constellations made so much more sense to me after reading it and helped me understand what to expect each month in God's timing.  By the way, I am not advocating that you light anything on fire but if you do, be sure that you follow the law and take proper precautions! Fire is no joke! Be safe! If you are a kid or young adult, I am definitely not advocating you do this (at least not without an adult). I've lit my own grass on fire before, accidentally. Thankfully, the hose was right there. Don't mess with fire, people. This lion can be found in prints and other merch here!  Oh! And, Check out my artworks business page at Feel free to follow me at my Artworks facebook page!

Message for this painting

“Bold, breaking the mold, sharp sighted, not missing a thing, quick on your feet and ready to go, different from rest, yet majestic with a heart that is strong and faithful to get through life’s tests. You are royalty like the white lion.” Love, Holy Spirit

Matthew 6:33, 1 Peter 2:9

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