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Solving the Problem of Chalk Pastels!

Last night, I endeavored to solve what seemed like an unsolvable problem in the art community in how to preserve a chalk pastel drawing without having to custom frame it in order to keep the chalk from being lost or smudging the glass. Plus, it can be quite pricey to frame a chalk pastel piece of artwork.  Now I am by no means advocating never framing chalk pastels or suggesting that this experiment I did will do away with that but it is an alternative and I have to say...a neat new way of doing chalk pastel pieces of art work. I absolutely love how beautiful a chalk pastel can turn out and in the case where I don't want to lose any of the chalk, I'd definitely have it specially framed, but in some instances and to achieve a different look and style, I found that this is also a new option for the art world and anyone who would like to experiment and create!

The chalk pastel of the water and bridge, is called "Come" (as titled by  my dear friend).  It was my first time doing this experiment so in a closer look with the piece 1:1 you can see some issues with the medium, however, that is user error and I'm confident I'll get better at it later but I was very happy to see that it worked. The picture of the giraffes are on regular pastel paper and I would definitely frame that!  The reference photo for the giraffes was by Karl Ammann and yes, he did give me permission to use his photo!

I will never need to frame or worry about the chalk pastel wearing off ever after using this technique!

So what did I do? That will be in a later post or live video for those who are subscribed to my patreon.  Sign up for my Patreon to find out.



P.S. - More of my artwork can be found at and private posts and benefits on Patreon!

Also, the white spot on the right, is just a glare from the lamp in the artroom.

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