I'm a mom to two wonderful young boys, an encourager, a hot cocoa drinker, and animal lover! 

My artwork is inspired to prosper, empower and bring light into the lives of others so they may live in a mindset of victory. My faith in and relationship with God inspires my artwork as well as my business. Without that, I would not be able to do what I do and I might be doing something else that doesn't nearly fulfill me the same.  I create artwork with His heart in mind, though you often won't see obvious Christian themes because I believe you can find God in almost anything beautiful and there is a whole world of creativity that can be seen in this universe in multiples ways.


I've been an artist at heart since childhood, drawing my favorite cartoon characters exactly as I see them!  


After retiring from my career in Human Services, mainly Developmental Disabilities and mental health (B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Counseling) I pursued my lifelong passion of creating art. I like to be free in my creation process, not having to fit into a box of one particular style in order to be able to create whatever I want and for whomever it is intended to go home to.


I'm mostly a self-taught artist, having never gone to school for art. I actually applied to the art program at UMBC for undergrad but did not make it into their art program. After that I gave up on art for many years except to oil paint something every so often for others or out of request, until a group of friends requested I do a paint night for them in my home. It was that moment that the passion resurfaced again and reminded me what I laid down for a time. Soon after, I began my business officially in 2017.


I enjoy teaching workshops and having paint nights in which others are free to create and see that they were born to be artistic no matter their skill level. Creativity is innate! 


In my free time, I enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina and sitting with the breeze (preferably in 70 degree weather) gently blowing on me with a warm cup of something in hand, dreaming of ways to leave things better than how I found them. I have passion for community unity and healing through the arts to help shape and influence culture, leaving it in a better place from one generation to the next.

I love hearing the testimonies from either the art sessions, paint nights and even the individual pieces themselves so feel free to share them by writing me  HERE!  


Fun Fact

It took a while to name my business but I decided to name it after my own name. My name means crowned in victory, so I named my business Victorious Artworks. 

Educational Background

Art theory, color theory, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in English literature, Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University in Clinical Counseling, training as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner



I am a member of the Baltimore County Arts Guild.


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