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Artworks Testimonials
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"Victorious Artworks has been such a blessing to my life. My Life Springing Forth painting has transformed my environment visually, spiritually. Spiritually, it continues to inspire me through my special and personalized UV message. Not only am I more aware of God's presence in my life but I am daily. I receive daily inspiration every time I look at my Victorious Artworks painting and every time I read my custom UV message. God bless Victorious Artworks and may the piece that's custom made for you bless your life in Jesus name, Amen."    ~L. Jones, Maryland

"Stephanie's art is one of the most special artworks I've ever owned. There has not been any other painting that I've felt such a deep and personal connection to like I've had with her paintings. Almost every time I take a deeper look at one particular painting of hers in my home, my eyes catch something new, something relevant and timely. Truly a beautiful artist, with an enormous, giving heart and a prodigious talent."    ~WB, Maryland

"Stephanie is an amazing artist. She painted a picture for our family that is the centerpiece of our living room. I recommend her artwork to everyone who sees the painting in our home."     ~D. Smock

"I had such an amazing time creating a piece of art with my family to memorialize the birth of my daughter! Group art sessions with Stephanie are the perfect party activity to bond and explore your creative side! Thanks again Stephanie. Your art session made the baby shower!     ~Joseph E.

"Stephanie is truly supernaturally gifted in the paintings she creates. Her love for God and others is beautifully presented in everything she paints. Her ideas are nothing short of supernatural and are a confirmation that God Himself loves the creative arts. I'm so amazed at how God is revealing Himself through creative arts as He did with the creation of the ark in the Old Testament. Stephanie and the work she produces is proof of God's creative nature that speaks to us in ways no other form can.  The prophetic artworks she produces will have an effect on anyone who sees it and will bless every home it enters. Anyone would be blessed to have the God inspired pieces Stephanie creates!     ~Beth A.

Stephanie's artwork has a way of expressing deep insight and healing into the recipient's lives. I've fallen in love with her work. Just the other day, I was looking at one of her paintings and all the dancers on the seemingly abstract canvas came to life. What beauty it was.     ~Julie M.

Stephanie’s talent is truly a gift... I am blessed to have 2 original paintings on wood... they are vibrant ... yet rustic which is a perfect fit for my home. We have received numerous compliments on these paintings - they are a treasure ♥️     ~Lorraine D.

Stephanie does great work. I love all my artwork!     ~Chris D.

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