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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When I created this painting, I did what I usually do. I looked at the canvas for a Looooong Time. Just soaking in God's presence and letting whatever was placed inside of me that wanted to speak come out on a canvas. I've always had a hard time speaking. I'd get nervous, clam up, and when I got brave enough the opportunity to share would be over. Art was a way for me to speak when I didn't know what to say or didn't have the courage to say it. So, it would speak for me.

I often never know how a painting will turn out from the beginning. I look, I wait, I feel, and then I start. It's amazing to me how when I begin a painting such as I did with this one that no image was in my mind when I began. I just let it come out bit by bit. As I do this, sometimes an image forms but I don't know it until I leave it alone for day or two, just coming back to it to look and see if I see anything. That is when in this painting, the water fall appeared and it began looking like Aurora Borealis to me with the Alcohol Ink background, and then I began painting some more and the painting spoke of trees and the faithfulness of nature and how the goodness of what is created is still there and it is bigger than us. Just a big thought on a little thing. Anyway, this is what Faithfulness looks like and you can get it today for yourself or as a gift for someone.

Did you know that God is faithful? We may not always understand things but He is. He wants the best for us. He has the best intention to prosper us. The bible is full of promises and blessings just waiting for us to experience and receive them. But our own understanding, way of doing things, and not just letting go and giving it all to God and then follow Holy Spirit can block our way. It's hard for me sometimes, to let go and it's really hard to believe in some situations that God is faithful and will be faithful. It's a reality though that He has plans for us and good things in store and all He wants us to do is follow and receive. I pray that you receive the grace to receive and see Him as faithful greater than ever before.

The original painting like many others came with a one of a kind prophetic message. I call these Easter Eggs because you have to find it on the painting using a special UV light.

P.S. - The "Shine Your Light" message that was written for this painting as I sat and listened for God's voice and heart was as follows:

“You are a faithful one for you came from Faithfulness. You are a glorious one, for you came out of Gloriousness. You are provided for, for I have and will provide. You are chosen, for I chose you from the beginning. Through all of the disappointments that you’ve shouldered, may you know you can rest them on Me to carry so that the burden is now light.” Love, Holy Spirit

Colossians 4:9, Acts 20

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