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How To Price Your Prints -A General Guide

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I originally shared this in my public Facebook Group, but I figured I share it here too because many artists, I see ask the same question.

They want to know how much to charge for their prints. This is an individual preference and I have seen a wide range of prices for prints depending on each artists. Everyone has a right to charge whatever they want. But there is a general guideline that will help protect you from under pricing and that is what I hope to help you with here.

So I will start with this this question. Are you a business artist or is it a hobby? If it is a hobby, you don't need to make a profit except maybe just enough to make another print. If you are a business, there are other things to consider and I'll share them now.


I can’t tell you how much but rather a guide on how to because the paper can be different prices plus range of other factors.

Consider these:

•How much did the individual print cost you? •Are you selling them or will potentially sell them in a gallery or shop? •Do you offer free shipping? •Is it framed •How much will it cost to package your print to ship out?

I will say, also, a quality print will be archival quality.


Generally a good rule to the cost will be at least 3 times your cost of the print. Then, add if needed, other things like shipping cost and materials. If it is framed add in that cost too.

Keep in mind you need to make a profit to stay in business and galleries/shops will often take 30-40% OR MORE of the sale so they can stay in business too. So if a print cost you $20.00 and you charge $60.00, the shop will get $24.00 and that leaves you with a commission of $16.00 (Remember, it cost you $20 to make the print). If you have a business, you also have business taxes, a website (if you have one) to pay for, the cost of running a business, and then whatever you have left to make more prints.

If you will or do have art in a gallery/shop the price is best to stay uniform between selling it yourself and having it there so people don’t wonder why you charge different prices on the same exact print.

If you are mailing them out yourself, you have the cost of shipping and the shipping materials to properly package your print. When it is all said and done, did you make a profit? How much profit did you make? Hopefully, it is greater than the cost to make that one print so you can keep doing it again and again, blessing people with your artwork!

Hope that helps my artists friends as well as anyone who buys prints snd wonders why things cost the way they do.



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