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You Will Rise Victorious

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

The Lovely Temper (Brandon & Morgan Baker) and I (Steph Miller) - Hands of Healing and You Will Rise Victorious

You will Rise Victorious

Acts 3:5-7 "And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them. But Peter said, "I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Rise up and walk!"

Like many of my acrylic pours (and let's face it, many of my Holy Spirit free flow artwork), I began this piece with nothing more than a prayer, "Holy Spirit, let's create this together. Do what you want through me and guide me in this artwork. Let's do this!" Holy Spirit is a master artist, the creator of all creators. Acrylic pours are beautiful expressions of color, composition and emotional expression. But when we involve Him, they are a prophetic powerhouse, speaking to our soul, and imprinting images that we could not create on our own, except maybe by mistake. However, while we may make happy mistakes, that turn into beautiful masterpieces in our art and life, He does everything perfectly and purposefully.

This is a glimpse of how I often, create and created this piece of artwork. At times, I don't know, how I will begin an art piece, I just begin with Him, just as all things should - letting Him reveal piece by piece, little by little, and a story, a meaning, and a message emerges from our ashes and trials, just as it does in our own life.

This piece of artwork, was unexpected and it is still hitting me as I write about it. I don't typically paint in black (unless, I'm outlining, or making a serious point). It's just rare. I Love color. I love using color to express emotion and meaning in my artwork. Color brings the artwork to life. So Black, no way! Even when I'm shadowing, I'd rather use some other color than black, unless I'm mixing it into some other color.

So, when I all of a sudden wanted to paint in back, I knew it wasn't my prompting. That's the funny thing too- Holy Spirit will cause you to do things you normally wouldn't. He compels you.

To create this, I used a large 18x24 canvas (large for me with the art studio space I work in) and really after that prayer, just sat there with the canvas for a while. Despite what some people think, at least for this gal, there is a lot of just sitting and staring at a canvas before anything comes out. Then, after some paint goes on, some more sitting and staring (Kind of like when you stare at those optical illusions, hoping you'll be one of the lucky ones to see the image that is hidden). That's what happens when creating my artwork sometimes. But, this one actually, happened pretty fast. I listened for that divine inspiration, which colors to use, and where to put the black, the gold, and the white/silver. Even the color choices are purposeful. If you don't know, color has both psychological and spiritual meaning, implications, and effects on the viewer (more on that for another post though).

In this particular piece, I used a "distressed" silver, along with black and gold -simply just 3 colors and yellow sea glass I placed on at the end creating the painting. It's an acrylic pour, but it is not like most due to the intentional placement of color and the use of various tools to form patterns, shapes, and designs in the artwork. All through the creation process, I kept my mind open to hearing the Lord's voice and direction, so that we can create together. There is Joy in the partnership. Just as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, don't work alone the greatest Joy is when we work in partnership with Him. The scripture that comes to mind when I create with God is Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 - "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor". Really, and truly, this is a form of praise and worship for me to spend this time with My Father, My Friend, and Creative Partner. There is no way, I could create such a beautiful image in a pour such as what (form me) unintentionally emerged in this painting.

When I finished creating this piece, I turned the canvas in all sorts of directions, listening for the way that He intended for it to hang on a wall. I didn't see any image in it right away, nor did I when We were creating it together. I also didn't name it until after creating it, asking the Lord, what He thought would be a good name for it. Finally, when I heard "That is the way." I stopped turning the canvas to see the direction he intended for it to hang on a wall of someone's home. Admittedly, I still didn't see any obvious images in it and the impact of it hadn't settled in Spirit or Soul until way after. For me, it was like a mini earthquake with a large after shock effect. I had to do that staring thing for a while, until I saw anything, until it impacted me the slightest. Then, it began to emerge inside, take shape, and pull out childhood and womanhood wounds, I didn't even know were still there in such a way. I saw it and cried, not able to completely make sense that this seemingly simple image and message was doing deep down inside of me, but He knew. Oh He knew. An artist creates, but they very rarely escape the effect of their own work. It ministers to them as just as much as it is created to minister to others.

The woman is surrounded with Gold and Silver. She kneels with knees tucked, all Black, as if rising from the ashes with Distressed Silver as the Breastplate of righteousness, her hair framing her face and flowing down. She knows her worth now, the resolve inside. She may have been worn by the battle but she is dressed in her armor, rising from the Fire, covered in ashes. But, Oh, is she beautiful, strengthened, knowing the one who fights for her, that is her strength and makes her Victorious. No matter what she's been through, what she's seen, she rises victorious!

This is a painting of many meanings. It is a mark of Victory in womanhood and motherhood. I have gone through my own trials in motherhood, in pregnancy, in finding my place and reconciling the child inside of me, once again. I see this for others in the artwork, especially for such a time as this.

There is a child in profile on the left, in Silver, facing the woman, as though gently whispering in her ear, to get back up and reclaim her inheritance as a Daughter of God, and receive the reconciling of innocence, of childhood, of motherhood. The Lion is on the other side of her, on the right, leaping into the air as her arm is stretched out and He is under it, helping to raise her up.

This painting, like many of them, didn't fully hit me in "the feels" until sometime after it was finished. I couldn't see all that was in it and still don't but somewhere deep inside me, my Spirit does and it brings tears to comprehend it in my soul. I pray, He is speaking and ministering to your heart, as well. It may seem like a simple acrylic pour but the spirit knows deep down that there is more to it than meets the eye. His anointing will go deep down in the places where words don't travel, because he spoke something into existence and then creation took place in visual form to reveal His beauty, and so can a simple acrylic pour.

The Spirit of God is breaking a yoke of rejection off and further pouring into you the Spirit of Adoption. His love for us, truly knows no bounds. He is a mighty Lion, restoring us, coming to our aid, lifting us up, leaping to our rescue. As His daughters, we are Victorious in Him and we have a true call as women, as mothers, as birthers, as creators of Life with Him, and we will rise out of the fire of trials, tribulations. We will rise Beautifully Victorious.

Come to find out, that the colors chosen for this painting, were also the colors that an amazing Band chose for their new album and felt drawn to the artwork for use. It's just so amazing how God works. Check out The Lovely Temper, who may be using this piece along with another, called "Healing Hands".

Prophetic Color Symbolism:

Gold - Intimacy. Fire meets the oil of prayers resulting in Presence and a grace storm, Refining Fire, This allows for flight (Psalm 68:13) to go higher into the heavenly realm of Presence

Silver - A testing resulting in Payment, Recompense and leads to the Pure and refined Word of the Lord (psalm 12:6) coming forth

Black - Beauty from Ashes, Burning up of the flesh to be reborn into Life

Yellow - Sea Glass, the oil of anointing to see

Sea Glass - See Revelation 4:6 & 15:2, 1 Corinthians 13:12

The Original Painting is an Easter Egg Artwork. This is the Prophetic Message written on the back, inspired by Holy Spirit as I listened after creating the painting:

"Let it flow, deep within your soul

Let it flow, in the places no one else knows

Let it flow, in the root system tied to one another

Where you’ve been, I’ve been there too

What you’ve seen, I’ve seen it too

What you’ve heard, I heard as well (too)

But My love knows you like no one else does

And My love sees you like no one else can

For My love hears your sweet voice and knows every word that has ever been spoken

You look like glory.

You sound like Glory.

You are clothed in glory and made to rise victorious.

Let who I created you to be flow, deep within your soul in the places that only I’ve known in the root system tied to one another. You are created in Glory."

©All artwork and writing, Stephanie Miller 2019

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