City Unity

"City Unity" is inspired by Baltimore City but really the place in our heart. You are a kingdom inside, a city, a place, a temple, in which your soul and God's spirit resides. The church is at the center of this painting, not as a religious symbol but one of relationship and the importance that the church (meaning the people of faith as a unit) have in the unity of a city. It is the responsibility for the church to represent God in the right way and bring things back into alignment, into right relationship, into a position of God's governmental alignment. Things have been out of alignment, in division, between race, political stances, and just about any subject matter down to which brand of twinkies do you eat and can you even call a twinkie a twinkie since it is relegated to a brand. Things have gotten out of control in many spheres and God is one of order. He called us each to be of one accord, one mind, in love, loving one another and not hating each other but speaking truth in love not out of self-righteousness. In the world of faith believers, the five fold (represented by the five birds) will need to come together and take their place. Right now, some are working together, some are in the left field or flying off but there is a coming together happening for each of the member to come together and walk in their positional authority to bring in order. Out of stark division and chaos, order and alignment will come. Anyway, that is just a short blurb about this piece. You can see it anyway you like. In the summary of things it represents the the coming of Unity in the city of our own hearts, in our minds, and in the physical cities of the United States.

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