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The Phoenix Rising

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Brandon and Morgan Baker of The Lovely Temper (check them out!) created an epic album that is now available on iTunes, Spotify and all the major airways that is known to man to listen to music these days. I have to admit, their talent is mind-blowing but so I was elated that they chose me to create a piece that represents the visual, spiritual, emotional, and dare I say it, supernatural essence of their songs and album as a whole. It was quite the privilege to sit down with their music and then paint it on canvas. What a wonderful and goose bumpy experience it was, too! I could feel the music and it was a party happening inside! So, when I sat down to create a piece of artwork to encapsulate and reflect the album, this is the piece that came out of it - "Healing Hands".

There is a phenomenon that happens between visual art like painting and art in the form of music. It's a marriage that takes place. One doesn't really exist without the other. They belong together. Both music and color create a synergy. When I paint, I often will see or feel the essence in the music, as colors and shapes emerge, and then, I just go with it. I have to admit though, this process for me is highly spiritual and beforehand always invite God or rather Holy Spirit into it. To me, He's the master of creating anyway and gave us the gifts we have. This is something that I did with this piece of artwork.

Just as was captured in the painting, there is a frequency of power that courses through us all. We may not always use it, access it, or even expect it but it can flow out of us effortlessly because of the one who is in us, moves through us, knows us, and is one with us.

When I created this painting, I just effortless rested in Him and asked God to create through me, as us together. That's how I begin most of my paintings that are free form. You see, we don't need to try, to strive or to do anything, creativity is already coursing through our hands, not only to create but to bring healing to others through our creativity, whether it is painting, sculpting, playing a guitar. We have it all within us and this creativity reaches places to bring healing where words could not travel or cut through.

The Lovely Temper on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

With Love,


P.S. - The "Shine Your Light" Message that went with this piece of artwork is as follows:

"With hands of healing compassion releases through you

With hands of healing the soul can hear My voice in a single touch

With mercy and love like lightning through the sea, I move

And then, My Love your heart knows that you are enough."

Isaiah 8

© All art & writings

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